photo by Monica Ciarcelluti
Pescara 65125 - Italy
Mobile: +39 329 239 7623
Date of birth: 22 / 7 / 1974
Born, raised and studied Commercial Sciences and then Photography in Beirut. Today I am based in Abruzzo (central Italy) with a double citizenship. I began my photography career in the mid-90s evolving from editorial assignments, Jewelry and product photography to architectural and storytelling about the land, the people, and their living conditions. I believe that as a passionate photographer, specialization becomes a constant evolution and doesn't stop at one place, crossing years at a time working in different disciplines helped to develop my ways of observation. I am passionate and available to assignments for worldwide landscape and travel, photo-reportage, construction, urban and interior architecture as well as jewelry and catalog products.

. Nominated for the “Blumm prize Future Frames Award” 2014
. Premio dei fotografi, Scanno, Italy (2013)

. 2014 / Blumm Prize Future Frames 2014. Exhibition, Italian Embassy / Brussels, Belgium
. 2014 / Venezia, tra Aqua e Ombre. Serra Dei Giardini, Venice, Italy
. 2013 / Watercolor, la côte libanaise. Alanno, Italy
. 2113 / Festival PhotoMed 2013. Featured photographer on exhibition. Toulon, France
. 2112 / Watercolor, la côte libanaise. Institut Francais du Liban (IF).(Beirut, Tripoli, Saida) Lebanon
. 2002 / Beirut Walls, frames of emerging lebanese actors. Beirut, Lebanon

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