Once upon a time
Aurore Ezzedine creates unique works of art. Her jewelry is combined with passion, knowledge for the precious elements, and innovation with each piece she designs. photography by Mazen Jannoun © 2018
The Barbican Centre of London
2013-2018 © Mazen Jannoun The Barbican Centre, designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon in the Brutalist style, has a complex multi-level layout with numerous entrances. The Barbican Centre's design – a concrete ziggurat – has always been controversial and divides opinion. It was voted "London's ugliest building" in a Grey London poll in September 2003. In September 2001, arts minister Tessa Blackstone announced that the Barbican Centre complex was to be a Grade II listed building. It has been designated a site of special architectural interest for its scale, its cohesion and the ambition of the project. The same architectural practice also designed the Barbican Housing Estate and the nearby Golden Lane Estate. The Centre hosts classical and contemporary music concerts, theatre performances, film screenings and art exhibitions. It also houses a library, three restaurants, and a conservatory. The Barbican Centre is member of the Global Cultural Districts Network. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbican_Centre)
Camminata a Milano
A walk in Milan Mazen Jannoun © 2018
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Jewelry & watches
Selection from clients' catalogues 2006 - 2018 © Mazen Jannoun
Crystal 2007 © Mazen Jannoun
TORINO in my mind
"Dove c'era un grande lago"
Il Fucino, L'Aquila - Italy Situated in the Aquila region in central Italy and stretching from Avezzano to Ortucchio, Il Fucino was once the third largest lake in Italy, it was drained in 1877 and the resulting plain is one of Italy's most fertile regions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fucine_Lake Those pictures are part of a series of projects I am working on exploring the Italian agricultural landscapes. 2017 © Mazen Jannoun
Del Bene, Del Male
On stage photography workshop and site specific play directed by Stefano Cenci 10 July 2014 / Spazio Matta / Pescara, Italy
Training sessions (click on image for full view)
Laboratorio teatrale d’improvvisazione vocale direzione Chiara Guidi, assistente Chiara Savoia Photography on location at Spazio Matta, Pescara 2016 © Mazen Jannoun «Il linguaggio della voce». Conversazione con Chiara Guidi Lia Miceli e Matteo Marelli http://www.uzak.it/rivista/uzak-23-estate-2016/figura-intera/959-il-linguaggio-della-voce-conversazione-con-chiara-guidi.html
Gocce Di Veleno
da “Caligola” di Albert Camus regia di Riccardo Palmieri In scena: Stefania Carnevali, Francesco Manenti, Marco Marzaioli, Filippo Ughi. Premio nazionale Vittorio Gassmann produzione Arterie shot on site at Spazio Matta, Pescara
Campo Imperatore
"Emperor's Field" is a mountain grassland or alpine meadow formed by a high basin-shaped plateau located in the Province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region of Italy . Known as Italy's "Little Tibet", it is located in the Gran Sasso e Monti Della Laga National Park. Campo Imperatore is also the habitat for the Apennine wolf, Apennine wildcat and the Abruzzo chamois. Nearly extinct, the latter is making a comeback through a joint effort by WWF Italia and the administration of the Gran Sasso National Park. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campo_Imperatore Photography by Mazen Jannoun © 2017
Venezia - tra acqua e ombre
Tra acqua e ombre is a series of photographs I did during an unexpected stay in Venice. December 2014.
BEIRUT highs and lows
Views of central Beirut is a selection of images from the documentation which i was commissioned to do between 2008 and 2011 by Solidere, the company in charge of the planning and redevelopment of Beirut central district. The central zone of the capital became heavily damaged during a civil war that lasted for more than fifteen years. The damage caused was either total structural collapse, partial collapse or at best, a full outer damage from bullets and shrapnel. My commission started in a later stage of the rebuilding when all destruction signs has been restored or flattened down. Although a big part of the buildings were saved and restored, large parts of the city was re-designed in modern architectural setups and some key historical locations and buildings were replicated like the past, to preserve some of the authenticity of Beirut's rich historical memory. The photography work of Gabriele Basilico which was published in the book ("BEIRUT 1991-2003" Baldini Castoldi Dalai Editore Inc) is a fascinating historical record of what the city center has suffered after long years of heavy and light armed continuous conflicts. Commissioned by Solidere in the early 1990s, Gabriele Basilico with Fouad El-Khoury, Raymond Depardon, René Burri, Josef Koudelka and Robert Frank were part of a collective photographic project of capturing an ultimate image of Beirut's city center ruins before the initial clear-out and rebuilding process began. 
Pescara lies on the Adriatic coast in the vast and mountainous Abruzzo, a region known for its important national parks, wildlife, and medieval villages. Most of present-day Pescara was recently built during the 1950s and 1960s. The center is a strong affirmation of post-modern urban design, something many will regard as a negative and almost catastrophic architectural phase in Pescara and other parts of cities in Italy. The local fishing port provides great quality Adriatic seafood abundance and the efficient regional (Abruzzo) agriculture and farming fills supermarkets and deli shops with outstanding cheese, meat and grocery.
Living spaces
The places we live in, work and eat in are our life. Wherever we walk and whatever we see is what constitutes our appreciation or dissatisfaction with the experience of life. This is a selection of images from the living spaces i shoot for architects and designers. During my work i try to understand and render all the elements that constitutes the project i am in, including how i felt in it. A good deal of time is spent on reflection and observation ahead of mounting any equipment. It is the difference between a photo of the place and a photo about the place.
2013-2018 © Mazen Jannoun London in spirit, material, and form. Commuting and walking in the city of London can be challenging but nevertheless fascinating. It is huge and culturally diverse beyond any city I've seen and there is a love affair between London and the era-defining architecture. Any style that was built at any given period in the last 500 years can be found today in London.
La côte Libanaise 2014 © Mazen Jannoun
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