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TORINO in my mind
"Dove c'era un grande lago"
Il Fucino, L'Aquila - Italy Situated in the Aquila region in central Italy and stretching from Avezzano to Ortucchio, Il Fucino was once the third largest lake in Italy, it was drained in 1877 and the resulting plain is one of Italy's most fertile regions. Those pictures are part of a series of projects I am working on exploring the Italian agricultural landscapes. 2017 © Mazen Jannoun
Del Bene, Del Male
On stage photography workshop and site specific play directed by Stefano Cenci 10 July 2014 / Spazio Matta / Pescara, Italy
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Laboratorio teatrale d’improvvisazione vocale direzione Chiara Guidi, assistente Chiara Savoia Photography on location at Spazio Matta, Pescara 2016 © Mazen Jannoun «Il linguaggio della voce». Conversazione con Chiara Guidi Lia Miceli e Matteo Marelli
Gocce Di Veleno
da “Caligola” di Albert Camus regia di Riccardo Palmieri In scena: Stefania Carnevali, Francesco Manenti, Marco Marzaioli, Filippo Ughi. Premio nazionale Vittorio Gassmann produzione Arterie shot on site at Spazio Matta, Pescara
Campo Imperatore
"Emperor's Field" is a mountain grassland or alpine meadow formed by a high basin-shaped plateau located in the Province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region of Italy . Known as Italy's "Little Tibet", it is located in the Gran Sasso e Monti Della Laga National Park. Campo Imperatore is also the habitat for the Apennine wolf, Apennine wildcat and the Abruzzo chamois. Nearly extinct, the latter is making a comeback through a joint effort by WWF Italia and the administration of the Gran Sasso National Park. Photography by Mazen Jannoun © 2017
Venezia - tra aqua e ombre
A series of photographs during an unexpected visit to Venice in a December weather. I lived on the island of St.Elena, an isolated vintage neighborhood one vaporetto stop away from Giardini where the art and architecture Biennale takes shape every year. The photographs were printed near San Marco on Ilford Galerie paper and exhibited at the "Serra Dei Giardini" a greenhouse turned coffee shop and a meeting place for local creatives
BEIRUT highs and lows
I worked in Beirut for many years documenting the urban development for Solidere. The city center is a refreshing experience filled with Mediterranean breeze, international art scene and a reconstructive nostalgia. There is a paternal coziness in the grander Beirut which makes the city center a playground for everybody, except that very few can afford to remain there for the night. High rise luxury hotels and apartment blocks and high-end shopping constitute the main attraction along with the awaited public garden and sea-front.
Pescara lies on the Adriatic coast in the vast and mountainous Abruzzo, a region known for its important national parks, wildlife, and medieval villages. Most of present-day Pescara was recently built during the 1950s and 1960s. The center is a strong affirmation of post-modern urban design, something many will regard as a negative and almost catastrophic architectural phase in Pescara and other parts of cities in Italy. The local fishing port provides great quality Adriatic seafood abundance and the efficient regional (Abruzzo) agriculture and farming fills supermarkets and deli shops with outstanding cheese, meat and grocery.
1 x 1 (One by One)
1x1 (One by One) shows the things we keep as an anchor to our origin and culture when we move and live abroad. My idea is confining a one square meter on the floor and ask my subjects to put within that space, whatever relates them to their origin and whatever relates them to where they are now. They had full control of the display as long as they keep it within the limits of the 1 x 1 sqm area designated by two measuring bands. When they finished, I set up my equipment and took an overhead shot of the composition with the aim of printing a (1x1 meter) replica of their floor for the exhibition titled 1 x 1. As i am as well an immigrant and searching for a final settlement, with this project I wanted to explore what defines the identity of people like me when it is fused by a foreign one and to discover how much we need "stuff" in order to relate ourselves to who we were in comparison to the present now. The measuring bands not only define the limits of the installation surface, but it also play a role of restricting the borders and drawing a limit to our rights as citizens. Some subjects squeezed as much stuff as possible as a demonstration of their cultural identity, others only positioned a set of crystal Cognac glasses and a crystal bowl of fruits. In this first phase of the project all the subjects are expats living in Italy with most for more than 10 to 20 years. I noticed timid hints of their integration in the foreign society where they are now with examples like a packet of pasta or a citizenship ID, a Panettone cake or nothing except the floor itself. The “floor” came to my attention after completing the shots of the first five subjects. I noticed the importance of the floor in how It represented the solid statement of the foreign land, here represented by Italy, and which one can never cast aside as just a floor. Integration therefore has begun as soon as one touches and sleeps on a foreign floor. The project contains more than 20 subjects so far and my aim is to develop it worldwide. It is intended for all sorts of immigration causes whether it be conflict, human rights abuse, poverty, leisure / pension and a personal choice or professional necessity.
Living spaces
The places we live in, work and eat in are our life. Wherever we walk and whatever we see is what constitutes our appreciation or dissatisfaction with the experience of life. This is a selection of images from the living spaces i shoot for architects and designers. During my work i try to understand and render all the elements that constitutes the project i am in, including how i felt in it. A good deal of time is spent on reflection and observation ahead of mounting any equipment. It is the difference between a photo of the place and a photo about the place.
LONDON, the over and underground
London in spirit, material, and form. Commuting and walking in the city of London can be challenging but nevertheless fascinating. It is huge and diverse beyond any city I've been to. There is a love affair between the city and the era-defining architecture, some may call it disastrous and some may call it a living museum. I tried to remain as close as possible to ground level to avoid an homage to the skyscrapers, focusing my attention on how the city is experienced from a first-person perspective.
La côte Libanaise 2014 © Mazen Jannoun
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